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Just wanted to say thank you again for my first photo shoot so long ago and getting me involved in the world of modeling. I now shoot every single day and travel often. I kid you not. It's paying my rent and has given me countless opportunities and introduced me to so many people. I'm so busy shooting I rarely have time to upload all the work. A. S.
Thanks everyone, I was very uncomfortable at the thought of having my photos taken but Cawanua has a gift helping self conscious women put their worries aside and just have fun. She is a wonderful lady! Kerrie
So this is the first picture that I have received back from my FABULOUS photo shoot with Cawanua Adcock Crosby Keeling at the very hospitable Stuart George Imaging Studio. I have the best time and we created some beautiful images. I will post more as they come to me.....a big shout out to Cawanua! It was really a very beautiful experience and I want to thank you ! For the first time in a very long time - I actually felt beautiful if only for a short time.... Jo Anne Garner
You are an amazing person in my life.... it authenticity is what I aim to emulate Jocelyn

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